Legal translation requires excellent knowledge of legal terminology, the complex linguistic conventions that characterise these texts and the unique features of each legal system. Accuracy, confidentiality and attention to detail are a must in this field.

English and Spanish legal documents behave differently in terms of wording, structure and vocabulary. Sticking to the source document is essential to avoid missing out information, which could have serious consequences. However, Spanish legalese has its own codes and usage, and this needs to be reflected in the translation. For example, some concepts within the English legal system don’t exist in Spanish, and the other way around.

Having studied an MA in Specialised Translation, focusing on legal translation, I’ve acquired a solid understanding of the techniques required in this area. Besides that, during my career I’ve gained substantial experience by translating different legal texts for businesses, such as Terms and Conditions, judicial documentation, witness statements, agreements and regulations.

Whether it‘s a corporate document or personal paperwork, my attention to detail and legal translation skills are at your service. Nothing further, Your Honor!

NOTE: Please check beforehand whether you need the translation to be performed by a sworn translator. See my FAQ for more information.