Outdoor sports

No two sports are alike. Outdoor sports share an obvious feature: nature as their backdrop. However, they’re different in every other aspect: techniques, equipment, clothing and physical training, among other aspects. And language usage is no different.

Translating content related to these sports demands a thorough knowledge of specific terminology and slang, as well as great attention to detail when it comes to safety standards. Moreover, content related to outdoor sports may be presented in a wide variety of formats: from user manuals to product descriptions, blog posts or safety guidelines. 

In Spain, mountain sports are increasingly popular and every year there are more people interested in discovering these fascinating activities. Living in the amazing Spanish Pyrenees, I’m a mountain sports enthusiast – inevitably! If you need to translate a climbing article, an ice axe usage manual or hiking clothes specifications into Spanish, look no further. My passion for mountain sports and linguistic knowledge in this area will fit your needs like a climbing nut fits into a crack.