Marketing and SEO

Localisation plays an essential role in marketing: it allows companies to expand internationally, adapting their content to the target country by taking the context, needs and cultural quirks of the audience into account. Social trends, culture, linguistic twists and customer needs, among other things, differ from one country to another. This is where localisation comes into play. 

As stated in CSA research’s analysis on the impact of language on customer experience, around 66% of online buyers choose the product with information written in their language, increasing to 85% in the case of people who are less competent in English. 

These figures show us that, even if English is increasingly understood by a relevant part of the global population, customer engagement is more successful if the information is properly translated into their language, resulting in higher sales.

If you want to go the extra mile and optimise your translation to reach as many potential Spanish customers as possible, SEO localisation is for you. I can help you research the target market terminology, find the right keywords in Spanish, optimise your content/site elements, rank higher on search engines and enhance the overall user experience.